Classical Normal Tension (Aquila Alabastro)

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The first three strings use monofilaments of rounded, smooth polished New Nylgut®. Its features include promptness of attack, acoustic projection, excellent timbre and a truly remarkable stability of intonation, not to mention an admirable evenness of tone with the wound basses. The basses, overspun with high quality silver-plated copper, consist of a Nylgut® core multifilament that ensures not only a high resistance to tensile stress but also a low absorption of both atmospheric humidity and sweat. This makes for rapid and stable intonation, as well as greater durability.

Tension table of the Alabastro normal tension:



1.- mi

8.0 Kg

2.- si

6.8 Kg

3.- sol

6.0 Kg

4.- RE

7.4 Kg

5.- LA

7.7 Kg

6.- MI

6.6 Kg

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