Strings for canary timple in Nylgut 5CH

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These strings in Nylgut are the most recommended for soprano timples (short scale around 35cm) and lightweight. This type of timples is the traditional model that was manufactured until the 90s when the scale of the Timples began to increase progressively.

Actually these strings have the true sound of the gut strings that were used in the timples until the 60's; so these are the best strings for an old timple. Also the tension of the strings is smooth, allowing hours and hours of strumming and jamming; In short, they are the ideal strings for a soprano timple.

Aquila's 5CH reference was the first set of nylgut strings for Timple that hit the market. And it was the only one until Pedro Izquierdo convinced Aquila to make a set for concert Timple in November 2012.

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