Plug for Timple, ukelele, cuatro venezolano

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These tuners are a novelty in the market that we bring exclusively for you.

The pin is metallic and is lacquered in matt black, being the tuning pommel of black plastic.

A screw is available to adjust the friction force, and thanks to the plastic washers and a metal pressure washer (spring), it is easy to tune a rope without slipping and then detune.

Can I use them to replace old plugs?
The assembly is like any other friction pin, being compatible with the models of other manufacturers. Even if you have poor quality plugs whose front part is a cone, you can adapt this pin simply by making a hole with a drill of diameter 8 mm; or pressing it with a plastic hammer (depends on the hardness of the wood on the front of the blade).

In what thickness of shovel can be mounted?
Between 6 and 15 mm.

This article only includes a unit, that is to say that for a 5-string instrument like the Canary Timple you should buy 5 units of this article.


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tuning machine for timple 3 + 2 tuning machine for timple 3 + 2
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