Golden machine heads for Charango

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One of the great problems of the charangos of South American origin (Bolivia and Peru) is the low quality of the tuning machines that they mount. The usual faults are the buttons that take off and the gears with a lot of slack or that go off thread.

Our charango tuners solve these problems and facilitate the tuning of your instrument, make it more stable and also very beautiful. They are compatible with most tuning machines on the market, so you do not have to reform the instrument to change them, it's just a matter of removing some screws.

  • White nacre buttons in hard plastic
  • Metallic output shaft diameter 6 mm
  • Distance between holes of 25 mm (market standard)
  • It includes the two symmetrical halves necessary for a charango, although only one side comes out in the photo
  • Includes gold mounting screws
  • Free shipping to all of Spain (for other countries check by mail)



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