Rectified nylon timple strings

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The strings for Timple Canario Rivero are the same as previously commercialized by Juglar (brand disappeared on the year 2001). It was in 2008 when we decided to start selling them again, thanks in large part to the initial efforts of Francisco Fariña and KiMa. Since then many are Timples builders used them in their instruments. These timple strings are made of rectified nylon, which ensures the best choice of diameters for each string. The tension is balanced in the five strings, especially in the third which in other brands is usually very loose. The tuning is guaranteed by the processing of the strings that ensures a precision of 0.001 mm.

Our strings are not wrapped individually because this way a lot of paper would be wasted. To differentiate each string is painted 1cm in color at the end of each string.

Note Diameter (mm) Colour
1.- Re 0,55 Azul
2.- La 0,65 Amarillo
3.- Mi 0,77 Rojo
4.- Do 0,55 Azul
5.- Sol 0,65 Amarillo


If you want to know more characteristics of the strings for timple, and the comparison of sound and tensions, go to the website TodoTimple.

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