Hatun Charango

Hatun Charango

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The Hatun Charango, or big charango, is a new instrument developed by Enrique Tarazona and is based on a normal charango to which two extra bass strings (twisted strings) have been added.

It is also characterized by not having all double orders as in a normal charango, but only the third string, which is also octave.

The Aquila strings for hatun charango are designed for a concert scale (37 to 38 cm).

The tuning of Hatun Charango is:

  1. mi
  2. la
  3. mi (upper octave)
  4. do
  5. sol
  6. re (lower)
  7. la (lower)

The strings for Hatun Charango de nylgut are special and hard to get (in fact they were sold out for months). The most complicated thing is getting the strings wound because they do not equal any guitar string or similar. Nylgut strings sound very good on small-box instruments because they add an extra bass to their sound.

In 2008, Norberto de León, a friend from the Canary Islands settled in Asturias, documented on his website the process of building a hatun charango. construcyeunhatuncharango.blogspot.com.es

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