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Get a smooth sound like silk, adequate tension and better mediums and lows in your Bandurria.

The classical strings for Bandurria had a steel core and around it a fine silk that separated the wound. This manufacturing process is much more expensive and that stopped mass-producing them, but the sound was much more delicate and complex, without much brightness.

In Rivero we have found a manufacturer in the United States that continues to make them and now they are available for the most demanding musicians.

Why are nylon strings wound?
The problem is the construction of the instrument, because the bridge nut should be made to allow the compensation of the wound strings. That is why they do not tend to tune correctly when stepping on the frets. The solution is to put some wound nylon strings because they do not need so much compensation and allow it to tune better.

On the other hand, there are musicians who prefer the sweeter sound of nylon core strings versus steel core strings.

Gauge of the strings for Bandurria Rivero Silk & Steel:
0.011 (Steel)
0.015 (Steel)
0.022w (Soul in steel with twisted silver and silk between both metals)
0.025w (Soul in steel with twisted silver and silk between both metals)
0.032w (Soul in multifilament nylon with copper wire wound in sterling silver)
0.040w (Soul in multifilament nylon with twisted copper wire covered in sterling silver)

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