Rectified Nylon diameter 0.45 mm

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Ideal for use as first strings of a concert Charango.

The rectified nylon arose at the same time as the nylon strings, while all the gut strings were previously rectified in order to have a round rope that did not lie (with the same diameter). The reason for its disuse can be due to two factors: that its production cost is 7 times higher than normal nylon because it is necessary to machine each rope, and that normal nylon is increasingly manufactured with higher quality (especially the so-called crystal nylon). On the other hand, the rough surface of the string is not to the liking of all musicians, although those who sweat the hand thank for this less slippery feeling.

Our rectified nylon strings are manufactured from Dupont nylon of the highest quality and are rectified on high quality and precision machines. Thanks to this we can assure that our rectified nylon strings are considered as the best quality in the market. Our manufacturing process guarantees a precision of 0.01mm in the whole strings, and this is 10 times more accurate than any strings without machining.


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