Classic golden guitar tuner, black button, bearing shaft and mother-of-pearl decoration

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This tuner for Spanish guitar is the highest range and yet its price will not ruin you.

The key to high quality is in the details such as:

  • The high precision of its gears with 18: 1 ratio
  • The plaque is solid
  • The material of the buttons is very hard and looks like real jet
  • The axes are adjusted at the factory to have no slack and have a bearing on the tip for smoothness of rotation (see photo below)



Other features of this classic guitar headstock 102-GD-BK-BK-S4-D are:


  • Matt gold finish with nacre-like decoration on the sides.
  • Black axes of 10 mm diameter with bearing at the tip
  • Buttons of a plastic material imitating jet (black and with a brightness of great depth).
  • Gear ratio: 1/18 (higher precision than normal)
  • It includes the two halves of the tuner and the fixing screws

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