Chromed tuner for Bandurria and Lute, nacar white buttons

Chromed tuner for Bandurria and Lute, nacar white buttons

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Mechanical headstock with gear for Bandurria, Lute and other 12-string instruments.

  • Standard dimensions compatible with almost 100% of Bandurrias and Lutes of the market
  • Metallic shaft where the ropes are wound, so it can be used with nylon or steel ropes (on the plastic axes they are stuck and leave marks).
  • Double hole in the shaft to facilitate threading the strings on the blade and improve tuning
  • White pearl imitation buttons of high quality and resistance
  • This article includes the two symmetrical pieces necessary for an instrument (right and left), even if only one side appears in the photo.
  • Includes screws for fixing
  • They are also valid on six-string vintage guitars from the 60s and 70s, since they used half of one of these tuners
  • Free shipping to all of Spain

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