Strings for Guilele (tuning in La)

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The guitalele or guilele is basically a ukulele with 6 strings and guitar spirit since the tuning is the same as that of a guitar on the 5th fret: LA RE SOL DO MI LA.

Why are Aquila's strings special?
More than 10 years ago, Aquila patented nylgut as the first artificial material designed to sound like natural gut strings. There is no other brand of strings in the world that has patented a material, but used the nylon or fluorocarbon that were invented for other uses that have nothing to do with the strings of musical instruments.

Do nylgut strings sound better?
Yes, for a reason Aquila has become the world leader in ukulele strings. When you have a small instrument like a ukulele that is not capable of generating low frequencies, you need strings with a less metallic sound (with less brightness in highs). And this warm sound can only be provided by natural gut strings and aquila nylgut strings.


There is a set of Aquila strings that allows you to tune your guitalele like a guitar, in my (E).


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Strings for Guilele (tuning in E) Strings for Guilele (tuning in E)
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