Strings for Guilele (tuning in E)

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The guilele or guitalele is basically a small guitar whose body resembles more  a ukulele in shape and size.

The usual tuning of the guitarlele is like a guitar but on the 5th fret:

  1. la / A
  2. mi / E
  3. do / C
  4. sol / G
  5. re / D
  6. la / A

However, this set of Aquila strings is special because it allows you to tune the guitar exactly like a guitar:

  1. mi / E
  2. si / B 
  3. sol / G
  4. re / D
  5. la / A
  6. mi / E

What do these strings have that allow me to tune the guilele in mi?
The key is that these ropes are of the red series (red series) of Aquila and that they carry metallic microparticles that increase the density of the material. Basically it's as if you pick up the metallic wound of a guitar string and put it inside the plastic instead of putting it on the outside.

Why is it interesting to be able to tune a guitalele in mi?
Because you can play the songs you already know in the same positions as on the guitar. And since the guitalele is smaller than a normal guitar, you can take the guitar to the beach, to the mountain or to travel around the world.


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