Microphone to amplify classical guitar, ukulele, timple, Venezuelan Cuatro

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The sound of the piezoelectric pickups does not always satisfy the most demanding ears, that is why LR Baggs has developed their system that captures the sound of the guitar through a special internal microphone called: TRU • MIC.

What is special about TRU • MIC microphone technology?
First of all it is a very light microphone that is placed on the bottom of the bridge. There is a separation of 3 mm between the wood and the microphone to allow to capture all the sound power of the instrument's cover without feedback.

And finally, it has patented noise cancellation technology that eliminates the internal reflections of the speaker. Without this technology, the sound would be as if it were inside a box and what we want is to capture the sound as if the microphone were outside the instrument.

On the electronic board there is a presence potentiometer that allows adjusting the treble response to suit the musician's taste.

Can it be used in other instruments besides the guitar?
This particular model is optimized for classical guitar, but can be used in instruments such as:

  • Bandurria and Lute
  • Canary Timple
  • Venezuelan Cuatro
  • Ukulele

And here the video of how to install it on a guitar:


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